“Howdy I’m Millie, an 11 year old Australian Shepherd. I weigh between 35-40 pounds which is a good weight for my breed. I like to think of myself as lovely, surely someone else does too?

“It turns out I’m in need of an adopter which is kind of a bummer since I just moved to my current home only last Summer. Before I moved here I lived the farm life with multiple dogs and cats around. I did well with everyone because I’m a good girl.  In my current home I get along with everyone but I will say, I don’t appreciate young kids. I need a home with older kids (aged 10 and over)  who will be gentle and respectful of me.

“What I really need is a home with someone who will get me to the vet so that I can have help with the pain I have in my hip. This pain doesn’t stop me from enjoying walks and playing but it does make it so doing stairs is very difficult. People picking me up is an issue for me as it causes me great discomfort. My hope is some medication and perhaps supplements will help alleviate my pain and make me a girl who feels good all of the time. I’m a young senior who wants to enjoy life to the fullest!

“I’d really, really like a home where I can be indoors more often but this means I’ll need someone who can get me out when I need to potty. I’m smart so I’d bet I could learn a dog door! My current family has been able to leave me inside while they’re away from home. I’m not the type of dog who will do well in an apartment or in a home with a small yard.

“I’m a very well behaved girl. It is my job to let you know when someone arrives or when there’s loud going-ons in the neighborhood. When sirens sound, I’ll join them with my melodious howl. I want to please my people. I love to feel useful. I am hoping my new home will be my very last move as I’m really ready to settle in.”

Millie is located in Camano Island, WA. For contact information, please email: referrals@olddoghaven.org

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.