Welcome Millie to the Old Dog Haven Final Refuge Family!

Millie found her way to Old Dog Haven after she lost her home when her original owner passed away. This sweet, old girl was taken to a local shelter and Old Dog Haven was contacted to try to find her a permanent foster family. Millie has a number of medical issues that she is living with that would make her unadoptable in a shelter. She is completely blind, overweight, and has arthritis and balance issues.  She also has a severe head tilt which is possibly the result of a previous stroke or vestibular episode and causes her head to hang low and to one side when she walks.

When our family heard that Millie was desperately in need of a final refuge home, we immediately knew we had to make her part of our family.

Millie has had more changes in the last few weeks than any old dog should have in their life. When she arrived she was very confused, anxious and spent the day barking and pacing. Now that she has had some time to settle in, she seems to understand that she will be safe and loved in her new home.

We are overjoyed that slowly she is starting to show us her fun-loving personality and we laugh when we see her take her daily roll on her back in the grass with a huge smile on her face. Her tail is starting to wag more every day, she loves to have her belly rubbed and adores any type of affection. Even though she is blind, she likes to go for walks and like a true lab, is very enthusiastic about mealtime and tennis balls.

In the coming weeks, Millie will see one of our experienced veterinarians and get a full medical workup and diagnostic testing to treat her arthritis and other ongoing medical issues. We are so grateful to Old Dog Haven for giving dogs like Millie a second chance to experience the love and attention they deserve at the end of their lives.

Update:  When Millie came to her new home we knew that she may not have very long with us due to her serious medical issues.  However, that time came much too soon and her loving family had to say goodbye.  Though the time was short, Millie knew that she was safe, loved and cared for before she had to leave.  She will always be missed.

Wonderful to roll in the sun!

Tennis balls are the best!