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Please note: The dogs in ODH's Final Refuge care are not adoptable due to medical reasons and all are in permanent homes. Your sponsorship supports the veterinary expenses for these dogs - and we thank you!

From her Final Refuge foster:

Millie Anne was brought to my home by a wonderful ODH Transport volunteer.   She had been found running loose in a field. It was determined that she had kidney disease and could possibly be a hospice case. She had a mouthful of rotten teeth and her breath was putrid. The first few months were filled with multiple vet appointments and lab tests. It took quite awhile to get her medically stabilized, on the appropriate food and medications before she was a good candidate for a dental surgery. Through all this Millie Anne has been sweet and loving and cooperative. She slept through the night from the beginning, and was clearly housebroken. She has never pooped in the house and only peed one time.

She takes Rimadyl for some joint pain. Millie Anne still favors her left front paw and frequently sits with it tucked under. Nevertheless, she runs up and down our long hallway like a little pony.  When I sit on my sofa, Millie Anne will come up her puppy stairs and touch my thigh with her paw, before lying next to me with her bum against me. Sometimes I doze off and if I move she will look up to see what is happening. When she is certain that I am merely adjusting my position she will put her head down and go back to sleep. She also loves belly rubs!

Little Millie Anne has a bark like a duck with a head cold. People always turn to see where the duck is, and are surprised to see a 7 pound Maltese!  She loves people. Not other animals, though. She has excellent manners at the groomers, I am told. She loves mealtimes and her food and can even tell time!

Millie Anne lets me know she is ready to eat by doing a ‘play bow stretch’ with her front paws on my leg. When I ask her if she is ready to eat, she barks in the affirmative. She will almost always come and find me if I leave the room. When she is satisfied that she knows where I am she will make an abrupt about face.  She enjoys sitting on my lap outside on the porch in the sunshine.

I became involved with ODH about several years ago when I was having serious health issues. I was concerned about Matthew, my Havanese, and wanted to arrange to have ODH find him a home if I died.  As it turns out, I am here and my Matthew is gone.  I became a foster parent in memory of Matthew, committing to caring for ODH dogs the way I would have wanted someone to care for my Matthew.

Millie Anne is my second foster. I had Cassie first, for four wonderful years. ODH and all the wonderful supporters make this possible. I am very pleased to be a part of this.

Millie Anne is sponsored by:

  • Wanda & Gary Walsh of Sheridan, WY in honor of Scooter, Lexi, Kielly & Sadie - Lifetime Sponsor