Milly was found circling in traffic on Christmas Eve and taken to a shelter. She was cared for in a shelter volunteer foster home before coming to her permanent Final Refuge home with Old Dog Haven.

Milly is deaf and blind and has been suffering from end-stage glaucoma. She has been seen by an ophthalmologist and will soon have surgery to have both eyes removed. She’ll be free not only of eye pain but also the thrice daily eye drops that she’s definitely not a fan of.

Molly also has weakness and discomfort in her back legs and is on medication to reduce inflammation. Milly is very calm and quiet and does well with the other Final Refuge dogs she shares her home with. She gets around very well despite her blindness.
Her very favorite place to spend time is in the backyard, exploring every inch with her nose. Another absolute favorite activity is eating, and she keeps the household on track with meal and snack time.
She’s a very dear old girl and her foster family feels very lucky to be able to share this part of her life with her.
Update:  Sweet Millie’s health issues worsened and her Final Refuge mom had to say goodbye.  We are so grateful that she had such a wonderful time in her new home and was so very loved.  She will be greatly missed.