“My name is Milo. I am 11 years old. My human passed away and instead of taking me to a shelter, a kind family member brought me to her home. She had every intention of keeping me forever but I don’t appreciate her young dog. She is always in my face, wanting to play. We got into a fight and tried to hurt each other. That’s not who I am! So I need to find a new home where I can go back to not worrying about being bothered by a young dog. I try to tell her to knock it off but she won’t take no for an answer!

“I had another doggy friend that I lived with years ago and we got along fine. Then she went to Heaven and my human never got another dog. We had a cat before that and I liked the cat just fine. I am a good boy! It would be nice to have a doggy friend my age in my new home. I have never been around kids but I would think if a kid were age 10 and over, nice and gentle, I may like them?

“My human used to take me for regular walks and I liked it. But then he got sick and the walks stopped, I got rather…large…!! I currently weigh 70 pounds which is overweight. I need to get back on my exercise routine. I am not asking for hiking or running marathons, but I can walk about 3 miles a day!  I never pull on a leash. I stay right with my person.

“While I’m not a barky dog, I do try to talk. My person thinks it’s funny. I stay home with the young dog while our person goes off to work. I’m very good about holding it until she gets back but boy, that isn’t always easy! I’d love a home where I get a potty break more often. We senior dogs do need to do that more often, just like humans do as they get older. When our person returns home, it’s very exciting. I grab my toy piggy and show it to my person to welcome her home. This makes her smile which makes me happy, I want to please my person.

“My person took me to the vet when she brought me home-which was very responsible of her. I got shots and a check up. I didn’t have any blood work or a urinalysis though so my adopter should have that done for me. It’d be good for them to have a complete picture of my overall health. I do have a small lump on my side. The vet told my person not to worry about it but you may ask your vet to check it out too. There are no stairs here so I can’t tell you how well I could do if I had to climb a lot of stairs in my new home. I’ve heard as dogs age we can have a harder time with stairs so one would want to be sure they can help me with stairs (I’d not be easily carried, even with weight loss!) if I came to a point where I could no longer climb them. Dogs do lose their homes sometimes when they can no longer climb stairs and their humans can’t help them, what a sad thing to happen!

“So that’s all about me. If you think I could be the dog for you, I’d love to meet you!”

Milo is located in Shelton. WA. For contact information please email: referrals@olddoghaven.org

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.