“How does an old guy like me find myself in need of a home? Life changes. My person was no longer able to care for me, she’d not been well and so my care wasn’t the greatest. My person thought it would be easier to have me put to sleep. Thankfully a friend offered to give me a place to stay until I could find someone who would open their heart and home to me.

“My name is Milo and I’m a 16 year old chihuahua. I am not a tiny chi, I weigh about 9 pounds. Before arriving in the home I am now, I was spending way too much time being crated. So much so that I had no choice but to potty in my crate. It was pretty disgusting, I didn’t want to live like that! The nice lady who is caring for me now threw that ugly, yucky crate away-no more crates for me. She has been working on potty training for me. Well it’s just been a “refresher course” and I must say I’m doing rather well. A dog would prefer to go outside and potty or even go on pee pads as I’ve learned to do now. I can manage without a potty break for about 3-4 hours.

“I do have arthritis and some pain as you would expect in a dog my age. It’d be nice to find a home with someone who can get me started on something to help with my arthritis. I have a little hitch in my giddy up.  What does that mean? I limp! I never got out to walk much so the nice lady has been working with me to learn how to walk on leash. But guess what? In people years I’m 80 years old! I don’t need a lot of exercise but getting out to stretch my legs is really good for me. Just know if I get tired I appreciate a lift (being carried). I’ll need to be carried up stairs too, no way can I manage stairs anymore. My hearing and vision isn’t what it used to be but I get around fine and when I see the nice lady now, I come to her for attention. As dogs get to my age, vet visits become more frequent so I do need someone who can afford to care for me. Good food and regular vet care will only help me.

“There’s a dog and cat here and I’m friendly with both. The cat doesn’t care much about me but the dog, well, he’s jealous of me and younger so sometimes he’s not too nice to me. I’d love to find a home with friendly old dogs to be buddies with.

“I can get a little timid around people when I don’t know them. That happens with dogs when they aren’t socialized much. But don’t think that means I bite-I’m not like that! Thanks to the nice lady I am learning that people can be good. In my new home I am hoping the people are there more often than not and that they want to bond with me. It may take a little bit of time and patience but once you get to know me, I’m very sweet and gentle. I don’t think I’d appreciate a home with young kids or even kids who are older but loud. Can you blame an old guy for that?

“I’ve not ever barked while staying with the nice lady but I have howled a little. You know we dogs are descendants of wolves, right? Mostly I’m content to burrow in my dog bed. A bit of sun on a warm day feels good on the bones. I’m just waiting to start the next chapter of my life. If you would like to give an old dog a home, will you consider me?”

Milo is waiting in Woodinville, WA. for an adopter.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.