“My name is Miss Mouse. I am a 13 year old, 5 pound, rat terrier. I was surrendered  by my former owner because they were moving.  But that’s ok.  Old Dog Haven came to my rescue.

“I have something very wrong with my heart.  It’s so big that you can’t see my spleen.  I’m going to see a cardiologist soon to find out how I can feel better.  I also have an anal gland problem.  And did I mention my knees?  I walk  like a crab but I get where I’m going.  I’m a brave girl. Everyone who has met me, loves me.

“I have only recently arrived at my final refuge home but it seems like a great place.  It is so wonderful to feel safe and loved.  I have two new brothers  a sister, and my very own mom who will love me forever. Life is good.”

Update from Miss Mouse’s Mom:  Miss Mouse went to Heaven and quite surely has her wings.  She never met anyone, of any species,  who didn’t immediately fall in love with her. She weighed less that 5 lbs.  Her body was just not built right.  She came to ODH with Pulmonary  Hypertension which made breathing a struggle. Mouse had a constant uti with multiple bacteria and took A LOT of medications every 6, 8, and 12 hours.  She never complained.   She was always happy. She loved her food and routine and since medicine time involved both she didnt mind.

She is survived by Buddy who she used as a heating pad;  Penny-Buttons who kept her clean, whether she liked it or not;  and me, her forever mom, who loved this silly bossy girl fiercely. I will love you forever Mouse.  I will miss you for always. See you on the other side my love.

Miss Mouse with her best buddy Princess Penny