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Please note: The dogs in ODH's Final Refuge care are not adoptable due to medical reasons and all are in permanent homes. Your sponsorship supports the veterinary expenses for these dogs - and we thank you!

At 10 years of age, Missy’s pet parent released her to a large shelter.  She had spent most of her life as an indoor/outdoor family dog, but a year ago she started urinating in the house and so was relegated to the outside.   Her pet parent was now residing in a very rural area, and eventually became concerned for her safety living alone outdoors 24/7.  Sadly, during her year in exile, Missy never received any veterinarian care to diagnose or treat her urinary problem.

Once at the shelter, an exam and lab tests were performed.  She was quickly diagnosed with a urinary tract infection and diabetes mellitus.  Old Dog Haven was contacted, and luckily a Final Refuge Foster home was quickly found.

When Missy arrived, the first thing she did was drink a whole bowl of water.  And then the second thing she did was let loose with a large volume of urine.  “PU/PD” (pee-a-lot/drink-a-lot) is a classic sign in pets with diabetes.  Unfortunately, it was going to be a long 5 days before her vet intake exam where she could then get started on insulin injections and a prescription diet to control her glucose levels.

We tried doggie diapers and frequent trips outside the first day.  But she would silently sneak into the bathroom, squat to pee, and because there was so much, the diaper would quickly soak through with the remainder landing on the bathroom rug.  After that, I set the timer on my phone, and every hour I opened the door and she headed straight out to the yard to pee.  It was obvious that she was very well trained, it was just that her bladder would get too full to wait very long.  At night I put a bell on her, and every time she would get up, I would leap out of bed and rush to open the front door.   Seems she can make it ~2 hours at night!

Missy wanted to play with the other dogs right away.  She was not nervous or anxious, she just moved right in.  She is very calm with a sweet personality, and at 47 lbs she is the smallest dog in the pack.…..she just drinks a lot and pees a lot more.  Missy also eats anything and everything that might possibly be food, and is expert at pulling things off of countertops.

After her intake exam, Missy was started on insulin and a prescription food for diabetics, and since then her energy level has really picked up.  Today, along with packmate Mindy, we walked a mile to the private dog play area, ran around for 20 minutes, and then walked a mile back home. Missy perked along the entire way, and it was Mindy who fell behind!

We still have to get Missy’s insulin regulated, make sure her urinary tract infection is resolved, and then check for other possible issues that may now be masked by the diabetes (eg low thyroid and Cushing’s disease.)  Missy will have many more vet visits over the next few months. Next week she will get a FreeStyle Libre glucose monitor attached to her shoulder (as seen on TV for people with diabetes) that will send her glucose levels to my phone and then her vet (!)

This ex

cellent care is only possible because of all of the wonderful Old Dog Haven donors and volunteers.  Missy and all the other ODH Final Refuge dogs are so thankful for your generosity.

Missy is sponsored by:

  • Kathie Flood & Russ Glaeser - Lifetime Sponsor