“My name is Mocha and I am a 7 pound, long hair chihuahua. I’m only about 9 years old-that’s still a youngster for my particular breed! I lived a hard life until I came to my current home. I was making babies over and over again to be sold. I didn’t have much interaction with humans so I’m still learning that there are good people. Because I am so shy, I need a home with people who will be patient and gentle with me. Kids are overwhelming and so are big dogs. In my home now there are REALLY big dogs; they look like horses and I am very scared of them. A house with small, friendly dogs and cats would suit me much better. Since I spent most of my life in a kennel, I don’t know much about taking walks or walking on a leash. I can handle stairs and have learned to use pee pads my when my person is away from home. I am a very good girl when left alone at home; I’m not a barky dog. The lady who took from the bad place has been so kind to me but she knows I need a different home. Now that I’ve learned how good life can be, I plan on staying around for some time to come. I’m looking for a lifetime commitment! I’m not a needy dog, just one who needs someone who will love and care for me as I deserve to be.” Mocha is waiting in Tukwila, WA for her new home.

Mocha is not an Old Dog Haven dog, she is a courtesy post.

ODH has not met this dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.