Mojo ended up at a shelter at age 14, after being passed around among friends and neighbors. The shelter vet told us he needed a dental and had a heart murmur. When he arrived, we found a big murmur, an old rib fracture, a very sore face from terrible teeth, and many disc problems in his back – the curse of this breed. We removed many teeth and he saw a cardiologist and had an ultrasound. Since then Mojo has had recurrent episodes of GI upset, recurrent bladder infections, and recurrent episodes of back pain. Each time he responds very well to medical treatment and just keeps going with a cheery, tough-guy attitude.

We don’t know quite how long this feisty little fellow will hold off all those chronic problems but he’s very welcome in his ODH home as long as he is comfortable.

Update:  Mojo’s little body just gave out despite all the efforts of his vet, the specialists, and his devoted ODH mom.     His last 15 months were filled with love and care; his mom will remember this silly, funny old man with tears and a big smile.