MARVELOUS MOJO is waiting for his forever home. Mojo is a 75 pound German Shepherd. This sweetheart of a guy with the most beautiful, brown eyes is gentle as a lamb and just the best companion. Mojo lost the only home he’d ever known in a tragic accident. The hope is to find a new home for him who will give him tons of love and attention.

Mojo had been mostly an outdoor, farm dog all his life. Now in rescue, to discover the wonderful life of being an indoor dog in his foster home and spending time with his people all day long, has been sheer joy for him. He’s believed to be about 8 years old and is fine with other dogs. Mojo does very well with children and loves to follow his person around and plop down next to them, wherever they settle down.

Mojo is crate-trained and housebroken, neutered and fully vaccinated. He knows a few commands, loves to play with sticks and balls and loves going for walks. Mostly he enjoys just hanging out and being with his people. Mojo is shy at first, but once he gets to know and trust you is just the sweetest guy.

Mojo would love a family that will include him in their outdoor adventures ( if possible) . Mojo absolutely loves going for walks and is great on hikes and on leash as well. He walks so nicely on a leash. He does great on car rides now (he was little anxious at first, but now he’s fine)

In his downtime, Sweet Mojo really loves to sit and watch the outdoors or hang out by your feet while you are at the computer. Mojo knows his basic commands (Stay, Sit, Go) and only wants to please his people. He seems to select his favorite among the family and loves to spend his time with that chosen person. His fosters state that it’s very hard to believe he’s been mostly an outdoor, farm dog all his life. He is now completely an indoor dog and happy as can be!

While it is unknown if he ever lived with cats, he has not shown any drive to chase when he sees the outdoor cat who visits the foster’s yard. So Mojo may do good with cats as well – however introduction to the cat would need to be slow.

Mojo doesn’t bark unless he wants to tell you that a stranger is near your home. His foster reports the same holds true when he is out on walks. He doesn’t really bark and is friendly with other dogs.

Mojo did come to rescue with fur loss which the vet has said is likely due to potential food allergies. He’s on a special diet (fish-based dry food) mixed up with some other cooked protein) and  following vet’s recommendation to stay away from chicken. Mojo is already showing great progress. His foster reports she is already seeing some new fur growth. Because of the diet and care, it seems as though Mojo’s skin issues have stabilized and improved.

What a lucky boy Mojo is to have been rescued and now he is ready for the next phase of his life in a loving, caring adoptive home.

Mojo is posted for the NW German Shepherd Rescue. He is currently in a wonderful foster home located in Redmond, WA. For more information about Mojo and adopting him, please visit the rescue’s website to complete an Adoption Application if you would like to give this guy a forever home.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.