Molly was picked up “stray” in really terrible shape: such badly arthritic knees that she looked like an “old cowpoke” cartoon, front legs bowed to the point of deformity, much arthritis in her back, missing much hair with terrible skin underneath. Her owner was located and didn’t want her back – obviously he had watched her suffer for quite a while and then just let her wander away. ODH took her on. She was given as much medical care as possible to try to ease her pain, and a quiet life with an ODH dad who devoted himself to making her comfortable and happy. She had suffered so much pain for so long that she couldn’t quite take a chance at loving again, but she enjoyed food and sunshine and the occasional special belly rub. Just before their one-year anniversary, it became obvious that Molly’s recent behaviors were increasingly dementia-related and recent medication changes were making little to no difference. She increasingly wanted to be physically by herself, increasingly lethargic and withdrawn. As difficult as the decision was, it was time.

Her ODH dad misses her presence and is glad that she can finally rest in peace.