“My name is Molly and I’m here because I need to find a home with someone for the rest of my days. My story is sad but it seems to happen far too often. I’m a 14 year old Jack Russell Terrier who weighs 29 pounds. My beloved person passed away- I will refer to her as “my mom”. I lived with her since I was a wee puppy.  Mom’s family didn’t want to keep me. I heard them say they were going to “put me down”, whatever that means. Well some friends of my mom’s found out and offered to try to find someone who would want me. Mom’s friends are taking care of me but they cannot keep this up for too long.

“I’m really a very good girl. While some older dogs who live with elderly people aren’t used to being left alone for long, my mom used to be a very active woman. I can be left alone at home if you need to go out. As long as I can get out to potty about every 4-5 hours, I will hold it and keep the house just as you left it. It was just me and mom for all those years, she had no need for another dog or cat-why would she when she had such a good friend in me? While I cannot tell you how I’d behave around cats, I can tell you that I’m fine with other dogs. There are dogs here where I live. I meet them and all is well but then I pretty much ignore them. So if you have a dog already and would like to consider adopting me, I could live like that as long as your dog is nice to me.

“You may think that because I’m 14 years old that I’m too old but to play, but guess what? I like to play fetch with a ball! At this point in my life I can still do stairs. I am SO good on leash for walks. The nice lady who is taking care of me now uses a walker and I know better than to pull or jerk the leash. If you forget what time my meals are served, I’ll bring you my bowl to remind you. Because I live in a place where there’s lots of nice people around, I will admit, I’m a little overweight because everyone likes me so much they all give me treats. So it’d be very good to find someone who will help me get this extra weight off through diet (I can’t believe I’m saying THAT!) and exercise. Maybe my new person will be able to walk a little faster too?  I know it’s much better for my health to not be fat.

“I’m not a barky dog. I mean, I bark when someone knocks at the door but that’s how a dog is supposed to let you know that someone has arrived! I will bark a little out of excitement at a visitor but I am quieted easily once we meet and I get pets. I am a friendly, social girl. I will tell you that sometimes I get anxious. When the people came to take my mom away in the ambulance, I paced. That’s what I do when I get nervous. I hope you won’t hold that against me. If you are calm and reassuring, that will help.

“My mom did a very good job of socializing me so I believe I will make someone a very good forever buddy. I really hope to find someone who I won’t have to lose again. The people that are caring for me now are so nice but they are unable to make the commitment to me that I need.

“If you’re not able to give me a home, maybe you will tell your friends about me? I live in Ferndale, WA. “

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.