Miss Molly Ann the shih tzu enjoys nibbling on roasted broccoli, taking long walks, exploring new places, sleeping near her person, and living with other dogs and cats. Molly’s owner and brother passed within a week of each other and she’s currently living with a care giver with a large young playful dog, four cats, and a parrot. She’s handling all these changes well, and has made some welcome discoveries in her temporary home – like walks are awesome! The happy dance she does when seeing the leash is delightful. Even though she’s gotten very little exercise her whole life she can easily keep up with her foster brother on walks up to 5 miles long at a good pace! She greets polite dogs well on leash and is learning to ignore vocal dogs. She’s been a champion at meeting new people, including kids, as well as going on outings that required her to settle down in new, noisy spaces with other dogs (e.g.,  brewery hopping). Molly rides very well in the car and has no trouble at all getting into one on her own.

Molly is 11 years old, and her senior labwork came back “great.”   She’s able to go 6 hours without a potty break after a good walk, and does well for longer periods of time with easy access to outside. She had a dog door in her first home and would probably appreciate one again. She also used to ring a bell on the door when she wanted to go outside, and should pick this up again quickly.

Molly grew up in a home with no stairs and while she can do stairs, she sometimes lacks the confidence to do so and isn’t fond of wooden stairs. She can be coaxed with the right treats and patience, and at 15 pounds can easily be carried if needed.

Molly is working on some training basics like “here” and “sit,” and is willing to work for treats.    She really wants to be around you, but isn’t particularly a lap dog. She is also adventuresome; a secure environment and watchful guardian are a must!   Her new home will need to be committed to letting her settle in and then figuring out where she is most comfortable being left alone. Her foster home has not had a problem with her barking.  However, because of her past tendency towards being vocal, she may not be a good candidate for apartment or condo living.

Molly’s ideal home would be with someone who is home more often than not or can bring Molly to work with them, or has other pets for company, and is committed to long walks and roasted broccoli. She has never lived with kids but we suspect she’d be ok with them if they are respectful and dog savvy. She takes her foster home’s busy household in stride, and isn’t bothered by crowded and new environments. We really think Molly is rather enjoying all her new adventures!   Molly Ann is a sweet little girl who deserves to find a forever home that will continue to expand her horizons and love her as much as she’ll love you.

Molly waiting for her adopters in Seattle, WA.

ODH has not met this dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.