Molly McGee (aka Molly) , a 5-pound longhaired chihuahua, was brought into a shelter at age 14 after biting one of the grandchildren. She indeed is shy and does not like strangers, nor does she like to be held much, but will allow her ODH mom to do whatever is necessary as long as she respects her. Molly definitely has her own opinion but she is tolerant with her person who says: “Molly McGee lives with 5 other Chihuahuas and a cat and is very comfortable here. She is always eager and happy to see me come home and wants a pet as soon as I get in the door. Molly is in good health and likes to run and play, go for car rides and to the stores, and I expect her to be with me for quite a while.”

Update:  Little Molly’s body wore out at the grand old age of 17 and she was gently sent on to a peaceful rest.     Her ODH family was glad to have had her company for more than 4 years and will always remember her.