When Moochie came into the shelter he was not only emaciated but refused to eat at all. He even lost weight at the shelter and, with his remorse, cancer was suspected. For the first few weeks in an ODH Final Refuge home he still wasn’t very interested one eating but his lab tests found nothing wrong. Eventually he began really flourishing even though x-rays have shown serious back and spine problems. These wonderful old dogs are so resilient! With those wonderful ears and long slim body and legs, we don’t quite know what his breeding is. Regardless, Moochie seems to have been very loved at some point in his life by the way he responds to his new family, with such love and gratitude, and holds no grudges to whomever caused him to become such an ill stray. He loves to go for walks and play with toys and the younger dogs in the family. He sleeps on the bed with his Mom and Dad and the other three smaller dogs and so far can jump on the bed by himself. He is good with everyone he meeds, dogs, cats and people. We don’t know how long he will have before he could possibly become paralyzed due to his back problems, but in the meantime he continues to be a very happy and much loved dog. He takes pain medicine and thyroid pills and allergy pills for his itching without complaining and it keeps him going strong. As long as we can keep him comfortable and happy he will stay with his foster family and be dearly loved. UPDATE: After nearly 3 years in his ODH home, Moochie’s body couldn’t hang on any longer and he was sent on his way. His ODH mom will particularly miss his presence – but the whole family is so glad they had the time with him. Mookie (his family’s name for him) died February 2, 2015.