Moose (formerly known as Mustafa) is a senior shih tzu (lhasa?) who lives every day to the fullest. His size might be small but his personality is enormous. Moose is the first of this breed that his ODH family has had and they will tell you that he won’t be the last. He has won the hearts of his ODH family and all of the foster dogs and cats in his Final Refuge home. He loves running the  property with his buddies and, when it comes to relaxing, Moose is always right beside someone. Thanks to Old Dog Haven, Moose has had a much- needed dental. He has had some paralysis on one side and significant arthritis so we will watch him closely and make sure that he is comfortable.

How lucky for his Final Refuge family that Moose has decided to spend the best part of his life with them.

Update:  After a truly wonderful time with his family, his spine finally gave out and they made the very difficult and loving decision to send him on.  Dear Moose will be remembered forever as a very brave and special member of his family.