Mopsie came to Old Dog Haven in October 2015. She was a stray taken to the local Humane Society; because her eyes and teeth were in such terrible shape, and she was blind, Old Dog Haven was contacted and took her into their care. Both of her eyes were damaged and painful and needed to be removed. She was also in need of dental care. As her medical needs were being taken care of, she settled happily into a temporary foster home.  When she was fully recovered, Mopsie came to her Final Refuge home. Her age is estimated at 13, but she often acts like a young dog.

She loves exploring the yard and laying in the sun. She likes to know where her people are and will bark to get their attention. She gives kisses and loves to be talked to. Toys are not her thing but blankets and pillows are. She has to rearrange them for her comfort. Her favorite treat is chicken.

Mopsie is so sweet! The neighbors all know her and come to visit when she is outside. She loves attention and does a little dance when she is being petted. Her Final Refuge family feels so lucky that Old Dog Haven made her a part of our life!

Update:  When Mopsie’s health seriously declined, her folks had to let her go.  She had a such a grand time in her forever home, and was a remarkably confident and outgoing little dog who was a great ambassador for “differently abled” creatures.

Mopsie shih tzu after surgery-FR041216