Moxie Dew Drop was a beautiful, gentle, sweet pomeranian Old Dog Haven was asked to find a hospice home for. How did this lovely girl end up at the shelter for the last days of her life? Since she came in as a “stray” we will never know but can only hope she had been loved at some point in her life. It certainly seemed as though she had been someone’s beloved dog, she was trusting and happy in spite of her physical appearance. Her Final Refuge fosters took Moxie thinking time was short for her because she was in kidney failure and she was, but what wasn’t known until she had her first intake exam was that she also had cancer. A mass was found in her abdomen. Unfortunately, the cancer spread fast and her kidney disease progressed quicker than her Final Refuge fosters imagined. A little over 3 weeks after arriving to her hospice home Moxie was sent on. Her foster family wished they’d had had much more time with her but they will always cherish the time they had with Moxie Dew Drop.