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Please note: The dogs in ODH's Final Refuge care are not adoptable due to medical reasons and all are in permanent homes. Your sponsorship supports the veterinary expenses for these dogs - and we thank you!

“My name is Mr. Big because of my personality.  I get along great with everyone – dogs and cats equally.  Our cat continues to be quite surprised that I just walk right on by him even though I do try to get into his food.  I am a 13 year old miniature poodle, but don’t call me an old guy. I am an older guy with lots of pep in my step and able to get around very well.

“It appears that I didn’t have much experience with car rides or walks but I am learning and now walk with a happy puppy trot.  You CAN teach an old(er) dog new tricks!!  I don’t have a preference between men, women, or children – I only care who is in the kitchen so that I can help clean up.  I am very food focused which could be why I am a bit overweight.  I am 13 pounds but the doctor says I should be closer to 11.  My walks and eating better are helping me.  I am now eating my fruits and veggies (carrots, green beans, and broccoli) as a reward.

“I do have to go outside quite often and my foster mom is working with the doctors to determine why. We think it might be Cushing’s disease which means that I have to go outside quite often but that can be controlled with a daily pill.  Old Dog Haven makes sure that I get the very best medical care!

I am also learning how to use a doggie door.  I am very courteous and need to be invited to come with you onto furniture, downstairs, outside, or out to the car.

“I am a great little guy with a huge personality who is very mellow and easy going.”

Update from Mr. Big:  “I just wanted to thank everyone that has sponsored me and to give you an update on how I have improved with your generous support over the last year. My picture looks a lot different. Initially I had to be shaved since I was so matted when I ODH rescued me. Also what hair I had was very thin, gray, and kind of wiry. The medicine that I am now taking is helping and my hair is coming in a lot thicker and black (not gray). Even my doctor was very surprised last week when she saw me.

“It was confirmed that I do have Cushing’s disease, in addition to elevated liver readings, but I am taking all my medicine twice a day and continue to improve. Another thing that happened to me in the last year was I went to the dentist. This was not such a good report and I did have to have 14 teeth removed. Some of my teeth were already gone and it was just the roots left to be removed which was a bit tricky for the dentist. I took a few days to recuperate but my foster mom gave me breakfast in bed since I didn’t feel like moving. The good news is that I do have 5 teeth left which is more than some of my ODH friends. I am now feeling a lot better and able to still enjoy my greenies.

“The great news is with all of the help from ODH I am feeling sprier and am exploring my yard a lot more. I sometimes act like a stinker to my Kitty Bro and pretend that I am going to chase him. I am also feeling well enough to be out and about and am starting to spread the word for ODH. Yes, I do continue to live up to my name with my Mr. BIG personality. Thank you again.”


My last update was almost a year ago and I am still going strong. Once again, I want to thank everyone for their generous support.  I am now 16 years old and have been with my foster mom and dad for a bit over 2 years. I continue to do quite well for a gentleman of my age (80 in people years).  I am still getting lots of fruits and veggies and sometimes ends up with food on my nose since I don’t have very many teeth left.  I am even learning to change some of my old man ways and like new things.  In the last couple of months, I finally have succumbed to snuggling at night (much to my mom’s pleasure).  It is a really nice thing and I don’t freeze and stiffen up when on furniture anymore. Another thing I am really starting to like and ask for is a walk.  I might only go 5 or 6 houses but that is 5 houses more than I did the first 2 years. With all the care, TLC, and support from everyone at ODH and its supporters – THANK YOU!!!

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When I was shaved.

Mr. Big is sponsored by:

  • Lynne and Ross Whited of Port Angeles, Washington in honor of ODH alumni “Opal,” “Odie,” “Teddy,” “Alvin,” and “Cuddles”