Ms. Murphy is a unique-looking Lhasa “mystery mix” with a cute underbite and short forelegs that splay out like a little seal. She was surrendered to a shelter when she became incontinent, lame, and too heavy for her disabled owner to pick up and carry outside. Fortunately for Murphy, the shelter saw an endearing old dog with potential and called Old Dog Haven.

Ms. Murphy had a number of medical concerns that required immediate veterinary and specialist care. She had rotten, inflamed teeth requiring extensive dental surgery and a terrible UTI that was causing her incontinence. She was in pain and lame from severe arthritis and spinal degeneration from years of walking on malformed forelegs that had been made worse by her obesity, and she was having seizures. With the combination of the right medications, surgery, neurologist, veterinary care, and foster care, her recovery has been dramatic.

Ms. Murphy’s foster family reports that she has lost 10 pounds through diet and exercise and runs excitedly for her leash to tell them when it is time for her walks. She no longer appears to have pain and she happily runs for the first half of her walk. Murphy hasn’t had a seizure in months, and has not had one accident in the house, even when she had that blazing UTI! Murphy is nearly deaf, but is a very smart girl who learns hand commands in one sitting. She never barks (except when dreaming) and has never learned to play, but loves food and will do anything for a piece of fruit or vegetable so training and games around the house all center around these healthy diet treats. Murphy loves people, especially babies and children, is friendly with all dogs, cats, and even farm animals. She trusts everyone, makes friends everywhere and gives gentle kisses.

Her unique looks are a great conversation starter and with her mellow, friendly personality, she is a great ODH event dog. Ms. Murphy’s foster family couldn’t imagine their lives without this sweet girl who has come so far physically in the past 6 months, and has been an absolute joy since the first day.

Update:  After a wonderful time in her loving foster home, dear Ms. Murphy’s medical issues could no longer be overcome.  With much sadness and love, her family said goodbye to a truly memorable and loving girl.   She will always be in their hearts.