Nanny, a tall and statuesque Labrador, came into a shelter as a “stray” at about 10 years old and very overweight – the Labrador tendency for sure. She suffers from chronic pancreatitis which has also affected her liver. Careful adherence to a prescription diet along with supplements has controlled those problems quite well, but now her eyesight is fading very quickly. She has cataracts developing but also Progressive Retinal Atrophy and after more than a year in ODH care she is nearly blind. Her enthusiasm for walks, hugs, going in the car, and exploring the field continues unabated, however, and she has no trouble maneuvering in all but tight spaces. This spring she has lost 30 pounds and is SO proud of regaining her girlish figure (she got a pretty new collar to celebrate) – now she’s up to long and vigorous walks and breathes so much better. We are hopeful that she has many months of good health ahead of her. She’s sure a nice dog. With sadness, we said goodbye to this lovely girl more than 2 years after she came to ODH. She was still shiny, that Labrador tail still wagged, and she downed her last meal (cheeseburger and fries) with enthusiasm. Her ODH family was glad to share the last part of her life; Nanny will be missed by all who knew her. She passed away April, 2014.