Neela came into Old Dog Haven care after her person had to go into a nursing home and could no longer care for her and she was left at a shelter. The shelter asked ODH for help finding her a Final Refuge home where she could get needed care for her unique physical challenges as well as a chronic cough and enlarged heart.

You see, Neela is a solidly built little Chihuahua with a crooked spine who walks in an “S” shape. Sometimes, when she’s excited, her back end travels faster than her front and she walks sideways, looking for all the world as if her tail is leading the way!  Her ODH people tell us that she’s an enthusiastic little girl who sometimes goes too fast and falls, but she gets right back up again and goes on her way, tail wagging! They share that she’s also a careful, gentle soul who eats oh-so-delicately and loves attention.

While Neela has a very good natured and forgiving personality, her fellow ODH Chihuahua brother Dew knows that she is no pushover–he and the rest of the pack have granted Neela enormous respect.  She IS a Chihuahua after all.  Despite Neela’s physical challenges and her bossing of Dew, she is a very happy and sweet girl, who loves tasty meals and kisses, though not necessarily in that order.

Update:  Little Neela’s health finally failed after a wonderful time in her Final Refuge Home.  She had a very loving personality and you could tell she truly enjoyed every minute in her new home.  She is greatly missed.