Newman is a yellow Lab mix who came to ODH from a shelter after being picked up multiple times. He was thought to be 10-11 years old but acts much younger. He has had many flea infestations which has caused terrible skin issues and he’s lacking hair in many places. But when he was picked up, he immediately came and leaned in for love!

He was readily accepted into his foster home. Newman came in very underweight with his ribs very prominent and needs to gain weight. He’s obsessed with food. He’s very anxious but knows he’s in a safe place now. Newman needs and gets weekly baths with a specialized shampoo. We are hoping his hair will grow back. He has allergies and will be seeing a skin and allergy specialist. He has had an ear and eye infection which has been treated and probably caused by his allergies. With ODH’s help we’re going to get Newman the help he needs.

In the meantime, he plays with his resident Black Lab every morning. He cuddles with his foster Mom on the couch at night. And sleeps on his comfy dog bed any time he wants!