Nia came into a small shelter at nearly 12 years old, but acting much younger. She had been used to roaming free in a rural area and had been hit by a car in the past, causing spinal damage that may lead to sudden paralysis in the future. After her family moved into an apartment she developed separation anxiety so she was given to the shelter, causing even more anxiety. She showed her escape-artist abilities when she first arrived at her Final Refuge home, but returned on her own. Now all her escape exits are sealed and she no longer seems interested in roaming. Nia has a good-sized pack of dogs to keep her busy and her own yard to roam in – and she gets a lot of attention from her foster parents. She is a very gentle, loving and caring dog. She knows she is loved and safe. This is her final family now. Nia’s two years with her ODH home ended peacefully. She lived to be the grand age of 15 years and her ODH mom will miss her “shadow” very much. She was still a beautiful girl!