​Meet Nicholas and Noel, 2 best friends-that may be littermates?-in need of an adoptive home together. These cuties are said to be papillons who are about 11 years old. We are told Noel and Nicholas both weigh 12 pounds.

This pair lost their home when one human passed away and the other had to go to an adult family home. Extended family has been taking care of the pair but unfortunately, they cannot bring the dogs into their home.  This family does not know much about the pair, including whether or not they can live with other dogs. As far as anyone knows, Noel and Nicholas have never been exposed to other dogs. They have never lived with cats nor have they been observed around them. Because neither have been around kids and Nicholas can be unsure when meeting new people and Noel is shy, a home without young children would make them more comfortable.

When people are home, Nicholas and Noel are out and about inside the home but once people leave they are put into their small kennels. We are told they sleep in their kennels at night as well. Noel and Nicholas can manage stairs at this time and we are told while in their kennel they can manage a few hours between potty breaks. It’d be very nice to find a home for these dogs where they have more time out of their kennels and don’t have to wait too long for a potty break.

According to their caregivers, both dogs had an exam with vaccines in June of this year. There was no lab work done at that time. We strongly recommend their adopter be able to afford this for them to get a complete overall picture of their health. This and regular vet care as well as regular grooming should be afforded by their adopter. More than likely this pair will need dentals as that may have never been done for them. All of this is so important for the health and quality of life of a dog-especially senior dogs!

Both dogs will bark when meeting new people, it seems as though they’ve not had much socialization.  But once they get to know you we are told Nicholas does like to be near his people and that Noel is sweet. At this time they do not get much exercise. We are told they are OK on leash. We’d like to think they’d enjoy time outdoors and short walks to sniff and get to know their new neighborhood.

With time, compassion and patience, we would like to believe Noel and Nicholas could settle in and be happy in a home with people who truly love and appreciate them.

Noel and Nicholas are located in Lacey, WA. For contact information please email: referrals@olddoghaven.org

These are not ODH dogs; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.