Nicholas came to the shelter a “stray”, in terrible condition. Old Dog Haven was asked to find a home for him and a foster family with an appreciation for the breed was thrilled to give him a home. He had a long list of ailments; he stank BADLY, his eyes were infected, he was sick with a respiratory virus, he had kidney disease and all 4 limbs were weak. His family got to work trying to get him to a healthier state and, because of ODH’s generous donors, Nicholas got the veterinary care he so badly needed. Nicholas became a very happy boy who enjoyed daily walks with his foster dad. With bathing and treatment for his eyes, he looked and smelled so much better. Nicholas LOVED toys and his foster mom bought him a new toy pretty much every time she went to the pet store; he had quite a collection that he would gather all around him. It was really cute, he’d fall asleep with toys in his mouth and grab a toy to take out with him when he went potty. He never dropped a toy outside, but carried it in and out while he did his business. Unfortunately, through an ultrasound a pyloric tumor was found. Nicholas started to lose his appetite and lose weight, then he lost interest in his beloved toys. His fosters didn’t want him to suffer and knew Nicholas it was time to say goodbye. His foster family will be forever grateful for the time they had with this dear golden boy.

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