Check out Nick! He’s a breed we don’t see too often, a Lakeland Terrier. Nick weighs 19 pounds and will turn 11 years old in August.

Nick’s original owner passed away a little over 3 years ago. He was sent back to his breeder who adopted him out to his current owner. Unfortunately Nick is once again in need of a new home. He and his owner have lost their home and now live in a condo which doesn’t suit Nick. His current owner could send him back to his breeder but she doesn’t want him to have to go back to live in a kennel until another home was found for him. We’re hoping our courtesy posts will help find an adopter for Nick.

It’s believed that the moves and changes have caused Nick to develop Separation Anxiety. He is a sensitive fellow who barks when things upset him. Nick is a very smart boy who knows tricks. He has gone through some training but we all know that training and maintaining is an ongoing thing for a dog. It could be very rewarding to work with Nick and help him gain more confidence.

Nick hasn’t lived with other dogs but he does go to doggy daycare two days a week. He really enjoys meeting friendly new dogs and loves socializing at the dog park. Nick is your typical terrier; a little quirky but loving, snuggly and a dog who makes you laugh and smile. It sounds as if Nick would be best in a home without young kids as they make him nervous.

Nick can do stairs and he is said to be “great” on leash. Nick takes 4, 15 minute walks every day because he lives in a condominium. The hope is Nick will find a home with a fenced yard so he can get out to potty every 4-5 hours for a potty break. Nick takes a daily supplement for his liver.

We think Nick sounds like such a fun dog! It’d be wonderful for Nick to finally find his forever home; no more moves, just stability, care and love for the rest of his days.

Nick is currently living in Kirkland, WA. in need of an adoptive home very soon.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.