We remember Nina….

Nina became an ODH Final Refuge dog in an unusual way. She needed a home immediately as her elderly owner was moving into an assisted care facility and was very sad at the thought of having his beloved pet go to a shelter.  An ODH long time foster stepped in and opened their home to her (even though they hadn’t really been looking to expand their already large pack!)  It soon became clear to them that this little girl would not have been adoptable, for one reason, she was not the friendliest dog!

From her Final Refuge mom:

“Even though Nina was not the easiest dog we have had in our family, she was well loved and I cherished the few cuddles she allowed. I actually enjoyed going to the vet with her as she was super cuddly although she never seemed anxious. I am very appreciative of our vets for being so good with her. Nina had to see a number of specialists and we are so grateful to ODH for making sure she had the best medical care available.”

“Nina had lost eyesight in both eyes, and when she exhibited symptoms of dementia and was experiencing mobility issues, we knew it was time to let her journey over the rainbow bridge where I imagine she is romping through fields of grass, can see, and is enjoying life with all those who have passed before her. Please consider donating to ODH in memory of Nina to help ODH continue to provide homes for homeless senior dogs in need.”