​”Hi! I’m Nina. I am a 51 pound active, Pitbull mix who is about 8 years old. My folks will tell you that I am a beautiful, very smart and devoted girl. I am in search of a committed adopter who will love and care for me as my current owner has done. I have heart conditions for which I take 2 medications. I must continue to receive these medications and my adopter should be able to have a vet monitor my heart disease for the rest of my life. I just recently started limping some, this could be arthritis? Currently I’m not taking anything for that but it would be so nice to get some relief from the ache. My person will share vet records and information about my health with potential adopters. She has bought pet insurance for me and taken excellent care of me!

“Since my adoption from a shelter in 2017, I have never lived with another dog but I have attended doggy daycare. I have enjoyed the activity at doggy daycare, it’s not one of those where we are all stuck in a room for hours. There, I have lots of outdoor space to play and run around. This is a home doggy daycare where there’s comfy beds to lay in and people who allow me to cuddle up with them. I do pretty well with the other dogs there though I can get possessive of toys. My current person can put a potential adopter in touch with my doggy daycare people so they can tell you how awesome I am! I could probably share a home with another dog if we were introduced properly and our person was dog savvy. It may be nice to have a friendly canine buddy!

“I admit, I have chased cats before. I know, not nice, but so much fun! It’s probably not a good idea to take me home if you have a kitty. My human has had a baby since I was adopted and I’ve been such a very good girl with the wee one. No one has seen me around older kids, except for the occasions when we have seen them at parks. I think it may be OK to live with older kids who can pet me and rub my belly but know not to play rough with me. I have never shown anything but good behavior towards all humans I come in contact with.

“As I mentioned, I am an ACTIVE girl. I need exercise and stimulation. I need at least 2 long walks a day. I will pull on leash if given the opportunity. I love playing frisbee and tug of war and ball. In the summer I have a great time jumping around in hose water and playing in a creek, fetching big rocks! However, if you set me out in a yard unsupervised, I will tear it up! A fenced, secure yard is really a must for me but if you care about having a pretty yard with lots of flowers and shrubs, I am not the dog for you. Without daily exercise and mental stimulation, I get bored and can get myself into trouble.

“Staying home without my humans isn’t fun. Since 2017 I haven’t spent an entire day home alone. If you have a job outside the home, then a good doggy daycare or perhaps having someone to come and walk me a couple times of day would be best. I can manage awhile before I need a potty break and I can do stairs. I just don’t like being all alone for long periods of time. I would LOVE to go to a home where there’s land to roam and people home who are out and about that I can tag alone with. When it’s cold outside we can go inside and cuddle up. A girl can dream!

“My people are sad to have to give me up but it’s necessary. They tell me it’s not my fault and I’ve done nothing wrong. I sure we can find someone to love me as much as they have but this next time, I hope I can stay forever in my home.”

Nina is located in Yakima, WA. For contact information please email: referrals@olddoghaven.org

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.




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