The best word to describe Norman is sweet. He’s devoted to his Old Dog Haven mom, loves his human sister, and gets along with his seven dog and cat siblings. Norman loves having company but with impaired vision and hearing it takes a minute to sniff out his new friends. When he does, they’re greeted with his enthusiastic wag and “snaggle- tooth” smile.

Norman arrived at his ODH Final Refuge home with chronic snorting issues and serious nasal congestion. A veterinary internist recommended a CT scan of his head and a rhinoscopy to look into his nasal passages, which was paid for by the Maranda Fund in the hopes that the cause of Norman’s discomfort could be determined and eased. Fortunately, the rhinoscopy revealed no tumors but Norman was diagnosed with chronic lymphoplasmactic rhinitis that is now being treated with medication. This is a very frustrating condition to treat, but with a careful drug regimen Norman is now quite comfortable and healthy!

His ODH mom says, “Norman’s very favorite things are blankets…. lots of blankets! He is quite skilled at tossing them up, diving under, and then spinning them around until he’s all snuggled up. I love this little man and am grateful to ODH for giving him the opportunity to be a happy, comfortable little old man and for allowing me to care for him!”

Update:  Norman was able to enjoy his Final Refuge home for over two years.  After all his medical challenges this little fellow truly lived his best life for as long as possible.  He was very much loved and is greatly missed.