Look at these sweet frosted faces!

Nyah and Ryder are very best friends who have grown up together. Ryder is a very handsome10 year old brindle plott hound mix, weighing in at 115 pounds. Pretty Nyah is 8 years old, she is a 65 pound pointer/lab mix. This pair of friends need an adoptive home in less than 2 weeks.

Ryder and Nyah require a home without other animals. An adult only home would suit this pair best. Ryder is described as “a big teddy bear”. Nyah is said to be “VERY intelligent, loyal and loving”. These friends follow basic commands . Their owners do use prong collars so that they will not pull while on leash. Many experienced dog owners find other ways around using those types of collars. So one would hope this could be done with time and patience. Nyah and Ryder have made excellent hiking companions. Sounds like they are the perfect dogs for an active couple or single person in the Pacific Northwest!

Nyah and Ryder are accustomed to spending work days together in a large dog run in their owner’s yard. They do come inside when their family is home and spend nights inside on their dog beds. We are told they are housetrained and can manage quite a while before they require a potty break. It’d be nice for them to find a home where they spend more time inside the house when people are not home. Perhaps they could learn to use a dog door? Or if their adopters work from home, they could be inside more often than not. Both dogs can manage stairs at this time. One should keep in mind Ryder’s size and that it would be difficult if he aged to a point where he could no longer climb stairs.

Ryder is a barker. So much so that he wears a bark collar. Perhaps Ryder’s adopter could work with him on this? Nyah lets Ryder do all of the barking, apparently, as she only barks when strangers are present!  Nyah thinks of herself as the family’s protector while Ryder considers himself a lap dog!

As with every adoption, we stress that an adopter should be able and willing to afford lifelong veterinary care and good quality dog food. Ryder and Nyah are up to date on vaccines but have never had a senior blood panel or urinalysis; this is something we recommend a senior should have yearly if possible.

Nyah is more attached to Ryder than he is to her. We are told that she must stay with him. The hope is that they can remain together, forever.

Ryder and Nyah are located in Seattle, WA. For contact information please email: referrals@olddoghaven.org

This is a courtesy post. These are not Old Dog Haven dogs. We urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.