Obi Wan was boarded when his owner became ill. After she died, her family brought her dog to a shelter where he spent three weeks before joining an ODH home. A 10-year old Australian shepherd mix, he fit right in with his new family immediately. He’s the happiest foster his family has ever had. He wants to be everyone’s best friend and he wants to say hello to every dog he sees. His greatest joy is catching his treats —- he seems very proud of himself. Because of his genuine love for everyone he is making weekly visits to a local nursing home. He’s so big he’s able to walk up to people in wheelchairs, sitting and putting his head in their laps —- something truly special happens between the resident and Obi. He has slight hip problems but meds keep him on track, giving him a wonderful retirement. He’s been nothing but a joy and happy addition to his new family. Update: After 3 years being his ODH mom’s gentle giant and best friend, Obi’s arthritis got the best of him. He was dear to many people and will be remembered with a smile. Obi Wan passed away June 2015.