Ocean came to us at the end of September 2015. She was left at the shelter at age 13. She was sporting (more than) a couple of seeping skin cysts on her back and badly needed a dental. After a temporary ODH foster mom got her started toward recovery from her abandonment, she moved to a permanent Final Refuge home.

After surgery/dental and treatment for thyroid issues, her beautiful lab-chow coat turned shiny! Ocean is so snuggle-able and soft. Her damaged hock ligaments are supported by special braces which have kept her mobility very good for a Lady of a Certain Age. Her ODH mom says: My sassy, black “shadow” stole our hearts! Love her mottled black tongue and soothing snores. Her favorite place is anywhere we are, but we think her heart (very appropriately) is at the beach. We took Ocean to the Lucky Labrador Brew Pub in June to celebrate her birthday since we really didn’t know when it was. So, she continues to thrive, we love her and feel fortunate to have her in our hearts and home!

Update:  She was an amazing trooper ~ staying with us just three weeks shy of three years.
We sure packed it in though. We went to the beach, camping, and The Lucky Lab brew pub to name just a few of our adventures.
She was so loyal, smart, sassy, determined and just a little bit silly.
Where we were was where she wanted to be ~ and vice versa. She will be sorely missed ~ we loved her very much and thankfully, she knew it.