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Please note: The dogs in ODH's Final Refuge care are not adoptable due to medical reasons and all are in permanent homes. Your sponsorship supports the veterinary expenses for these dogs - and we thank you!

Ole Solbjørnson The Loud

Ole, the big ol’ 11-year old Lab mix, found himself in the shelter as a stray, very confused and stressed, with injuries to both knees and significant arthritis. He didn’t do well in the loud, active shelter environment and he was anxious. With an uncertain mobility prognosis due to two untreated ACL injuries and knee braces, no one seemed to be willing to take a chance on big, broken ol’ Ole. But his ODH foster mom-to-be just saw in him another old Labrador who needed help. Ole’s so glad she saw his true, shining self!

Once in his forever home, Ole’s mom discovered that mobility was less of a problem for him than what was likely longtime separation anxiety (SA) and fear issues around other dogs. Ole can’t tell us which came first, the injuries or anxiety, but his ODH mom is happy to report that with consistent, positive distract-and-redirect training (and great vet care), Ole has progressed by leaps and bounds in the 2 months he has been in his forever home! He’s getting much better on walks with his fellow ODH senior brother, and his SA has diminished as he realizes he’s finally SAFE and he won’t ever be abandoned again.

Turns out, Ole is an absolute love of a dog who hasn’t met anyone he doesn’t like. He’s great with kids and cats (cats!), and is a boisterous, but good friend to his fellow ODH buddy, who is somewhat less interested in spooning than Ole is. Spooning is the best! Ole loves to snuggle and wiggle and stretch out his wake-up routine as long as possible with belly rubs and kisses on the nose, before he finally gets up and plops himself down in the kitchen to act as roadblock/stray food catcher. He knows he’s going to get fresh-cooked chicken and veg and medication for his arthritis and joints, so he can then get and about in the neighborhood–which he’s learning is a very good place.

And the beach! While his mom is careful to limit the activities that can stress his knees, she’s hopeful that his swimming skills will improve as he finds his confidence….after all, there’s nothing better than a Labrador in the water. Because of your support of Old Dog Haven, this salty old Viking gets to be the puppy he is in his golden years: very joyful, a bit naughty, and a complete delight to have around.

Ole Solbjørnson The Big-Footed

Ole Solbjørnson The Sandy-Nosed

Ole Solbjørnson The Tennis Ball & Tomato Eater

Ole Solbjørnson The Loud

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