Olga came to ODH as an emaciated but happy and lovely old gal. Her foster mom referred to her as “supermodel skinny.” Her previous family was being evicted and was not going to take her with them. She settled in immediately in her foster home, getting along nicely with the other dogs and cats. The first order of business when she arrived and on every day from then on was to locate toys and beg someone to throw them. She adored playing fetch and getting petted as much as possible. She made quite a few dog friends, greeting them all with exuberant barks. Olga had an amazing zest for life – always on the move and wagging that skinny tail endlessly. Very sadly, she suddenly developed bloat and there was no choice but to let her go and spare her more suffering. Olga only lived in her ODH home for a month and a half, but this special lady has left a huge void and will be missed for her sweet personality. Olga died August 2015.