Oliver the Orca is looking for a home! Oliver is a charming senior looking for a loving retirement home. Oliver may be old but he is still full of life and has plenty of play and love left in him. Oliver LOVES toys of all kinds. He thinks Kongs are full to chew on, he will chase and drag a rope toy around for ages, and can dissect a tennis ball in no time. Out in the yard Oliver will even find branches to carry around and later flop down to chew.

Even though he can’t really run fast he will waddle and pounce after a toy and then leap onto a bed to enjoy it. He does the funniest little dance when you get out his food, treats or toys- it will melt your heart! Oliver likes to go on walks, but will often try to do more walking than he should and tire himself out. He likes to hang out in the yard, rolling in the grass and napping in the sun. Sometimes he will even try to chase a rabbit! He also loves trips to the beach, and in true Orca fashion will go wading into the water (even if it’s chilly!) after his toy.

Oliver knows “sit” and “drop it” and is a very smart boy. Oliver’s other favorite past time is snuggling and napping. He loves dog beds and couches and is so cute when he makes a nest in his blankies! He will pull himself up on the human couch and nestle right into you and fall fast asleep. But he will stay on his dog bed all night and not bother you after lights out. Oliver is very affectionate and loves to snuggle and cuddle. He loves his belly rubbed and will wiggle around like a little beetle on his back for more scratching. He also loves to flop down at your feet and will snooze with his head on your arm if given the chance. He loves to get kisses and greets you in the morning with the thump of his wagging tail. Oliver is totally house trained and can hold it alllll night long like a good boy, even if you (or he!) wants to sleep in late. He will also tell you when he needs to go out and sticks to a consistent potty schedule.

Oliver has been in foster care with other dogs and does well, though he doesn’t like to share his food or toys with the other dogs. Depending on the other dog’s personality and size, he may fit in to a multi dog home with proper introductions. But he would also enjoy being an only child since he is so low-key and lovable. Like many old dogs, Oliver has some medical conditions that will need ongoing care but at this time are not slowing him down much. He has some weakness and coordination issues in his hind end possibly due to arthritis and/or neurological issues- it makes him walk funny and trip sometimes. He is on daily joint supplements and also has “dry eye” in his right eye which requires drops to keep him comfortable.

Oliver arrived at KHS missing lots of hair- much of it has grown back but some spots will probably stay naked (we think he is still very handsome anyway!).

Oliver is posted for the Kitsap Humane Society in Silverdale WA.  His foster parent is willing to travel throughout the Puget Sound region to meet prospective families.

THIS IS NOT AN ODH DOG; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.