Ollie the min pin came to ODH at about 13, and became his family’s little cuddler. If he’s not on one lap he’s on the other or cuddling with Mr. Stubbs the very old sick foster bunny. Ollie loves to cuddle with Mr. Stubbs and preen him, helping to make Bunny better. He loves to sleep on his blanket between his humans’ pillows at night, but in the morning he’ll be in the crook of a neck or arm.

He loves to play tug of war and take blankets to bury himself in. Ollie weighs only 7 pounds but he’s a tough little guy who prances elegantly when he walks. He has been diagnosed with quite serious pulmonary hypertension, bronchitis and heart valve disease. With care from his regular vet, an internal medicine specialist and a cardiologist, we have him on a medication protocol that hopefully will keep him comfortable and snuggly for many months ahead. Bunny needs him!

Update:  Little Ollie’s heart gave out very suddenly, he was a happy guy right up until then and he was always surrounded by love – just as he wanted and deserved.