Opal’s the name – fitting for a little old lady, don’t you think?
 Old Dog Haven heard about me, blind and hanging out in a shelter, so they found me a forever home! After settling in and explaining to the other dogs here that I’m in charge, my new mom and dad got to work taking me to appointments to see what kind of care I needed.
Turns out my kidneys don’t work so well, so I get special food – somehow it just shows up on the doorstep whenever we are almost out!  I’m also blind, but since I’ve been that way most of my life, it doesn’t slow me down!  I also have dental disease, but because I’m ‘distinguished’ (I think I’m 14 or so) I can’t have me teeth cleaned, so I just take antibiotics on a cycle to keep the dental disease away.
I love to sleep in the big bed, hang on in my special carry bag, and yell at mom when she won’t pick me up.
Thank you for reading my story and supporting me and my old dog friends!
Update:  After a series of strokes, it was time to say a very sad goodbye to this wonderful, very old girl.  She truly loved her final home and made sure everyone knew she was in charge.  A special old girl who will be greatly missed.