A beautiful tan and white basset, Ophelia’s story is a tragedy of terrible neglect, then, at the end a little love. Ophelia was brought to a shelter emaciated, and barely walking. Flea-ridden and nearly blind, her neck had a nasty wound and unclipped dew claws had grown into her pads. ODH gave her a chance and took her as soon as she could be released. A vet gave up his holiday morning to help. He cleaned her wound, clipped her nails and gave her intravenous fluids and antibiotics for an infection. She perked up enough to lie in the sun a bit and walk a few steps but by the evening she would no longer eat and then could no longer walk or even lift her head. Ophelia, we hardly knew you but cried when you left. We hated the pain you endured, but are happy that your last day included a little sun, a soft bed, sweet words and pets. It was all we could do–but we loved you. Ophelia passed away September, 2014.