10 year old Oscar Meyer Weiner is a smooth hair dachshund who weighs about 14 pounds. This adorable pooch sounds like a real hoot! Oscar is a cuddle buddy and loves to sleep in the bed with his person-or any person who is available! We’re told Oscar will bark at anything with wheels except a child’s toy that is a bubble blowing lawnmower. Oscar Meyer LOVES that toy, he loves bubbles!

Oscar has lived with a cat and they have been friends. He’s never had to share his home for very long with another dog but we’re told he does well meeting new ones as long as they aren’t big dogs who rush at him. Oscar is not a fan of children under age 8.

Oscar would appreciate a potty break about every 4 hours or so. He knows how to use a doggie door to get out to potty. Oscar is crate trained and has in the past, been crated while his person went off to work. We are told Oscar can do stairs but he prefers to be carried and since he’s a dachshund, that’s probably safer for him.

We are told that Oscar is very good on leash and will go for short walks on nice days. Like so many of his breed, he doesn’t appreciate the rain but he does always appreciate a blanket to burrow into. Oscar Meyer is a great buddy who likes to go for car rides and keep his person company while they watch T.V.

Oscar is in Tacoma, WA. ready to find an adoptive home.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their evaluation.