Oscar Meyer was brought into a shelter as a stray.   He had skin problems, terrible anxiety, was mostly blind, and almost deaf.  Also, he came to us with TERRIBLE teeth (as so often with this breed); he was missing 15 teeth and had 22 more pulled in an extensive dental procedure.  In the shelter he wore a sore on top of his nose from rubbing on the bars of the cage and kept everyone alert with his mighty bark.  Old Dog Haven was asked to step in and found little Oscar Meyer his very own ODH home.

Now Oscar Meyer has a safe place without stairs where the furniture does not get moved around.  With good medical care provided by Old Dog Haven, Oscar Meyer received the appropriate medication to get his anxiety under control and his skin is healed thanks to a healthy diet and regular baths.

Oscar Meyer’s favorite things are walks, snacks (the more the better), and lots of cuddles. He has been in his new ODH home for 2 years and has a huge fan club among all the family and friends due to his sweet and gentle nature.

Update:  After a wonderfully long time as an excellent ODH ambassador, Oscar Meyer’s health failed him and it was time for his loving foster mom to say good-bye.  He had an amazing send-off and visits from many of the friends he had made and all his favorite goodies.  He will always be missed.