Oscar came to ODH with masses all over his spleen and a very short life-expectancy. As often happens, he lived very comfortably for 15 months until one finally ruptured. His ODH hospice (we thought) mom says: He was a special little guy. I had never had a doxie and he was a great intro to the breed. Within minutes of my meeting him he made me laugh. He and Ginger the cat often shared the bed underneath my desk. He got along with all the dogs, and with people as long as we did what he wanted. Walking him was often a challenge because if he didn’t want to move he planted his butt and the argument was on. Oscar just gave you this look of total disdain when you attempted to try to enforce your will on him. It was my honor to have him hang out with us; he was loved and he will be missed. He passed away October 27, 2014.