Meet Otis and Pumpkin! They came to share to rescue when their previous owner became unable to care for them. They are both mature Ruby Cavaliers, and are a bonded pair; they need to remain together. Otis has classic good looks, and Pumpkin has unruly, short curly hair. A couple of very cute and very different “gingers.”

Otis turns 14 years old in June 2022, he’s a real cuddle bug. While he is content resting in his bed, he is very happy to be cuddled and on a lap. His favorite cuddle is sitting on a lap with his head resting on a chest so you are nearly face to face. He is deaf; his eyes are cloudy, though he doesn’t appear to be unable to see. Outdoor steps are challenging, so he uses a ramp to go outside. He is very undemanding.

Pumpkin is 9 years old and more flamboyant. She also enjoys snoozing in her bed, but she spends a lot of time cruising and exploring. This girl has a fixation on paper products (Kleenex, paper towels, and toilet tissue on the roll: she loves to make that roll spin!) She is a playful little one who is a bit of a pick-pocket, though she takes nothing of value – only tissues. She enjoys being on a lap, but her favorite place to be is on the leg extension of a recliner cuddled up next to a warm leg.  She watches TV occasionally, though not enough to be considered an avid TV watcher. She snores somewhat, and is deaf. Pumpkin is more demanding than her brother, and barks when she thinks it’s time to eat or if she wants attention.

This pair are both perfect in a crate in the car; they can’t get in quick enough and don’t make a peep on the road. They both love to take walks, and it took them only a few days to learn to anticipate that was how their day was going to start. On the rare occasion that their days don’t start with a walk, they wait at the door for their foster dad to return and take them with him.

They are interested in everything and everybody they pass on walks. Otis yodels at all dogs and random people in passing: “I am right here: play with me!” They both wear harnesses when on walks.
Both dogs had recent dental work and each lost several bad teeth. As a result, they both smell better, have more energy, and more interest in everything. Their fosters had guests several days after their dental work; they both enjoyed cuddling on their laps and Pumpkin was readily playful.

Cavalier Rescue USA will fill potential adopters in on this pair’s medical needs. Otis is heart clear and Pumpkin has a possible grade 1 heart murmur. They’re up to date on their vaccinations and microchipped. Otis has mild elevated kidney values and mild anemia and a recheck in 3-4 months is recommended. His abdominal ultrasound was normal for his age and the internal medicine doctor recommended he start taking Pepcid for his stomach.

Though Otis told his fosters early on that he “will not spend the night in a closed crate,” he doesn’t hesitate to go into the crate to ride in the car, or when his fosters have to leave the dogs home alone. They know the procedure, and they know their fosters will return. Recently Otis has been transferring from his bed to the open crate during the night, where the bedding is a little cushier. They are house trained and reliable with regular trips outside.

Otis and Pumpkin have both been on a healthy weight regimen since coming into rescue and have each lost a couple of pounds. Currently Otis weighs 22 lbs. and Pumpkin weighs 21 lbs. They should each lose a little bit more. (Otis feels heavier than he is, as he is not at all helpful with lifts.) They both lie next to the table when we have meals, not begging, but hopeful/optimistic that there will be a little morsel to hit the floor.
They are both very easy to be around, and would probably be a good match in a less active home, though daily walks are not optional. Walks are a highlight of their days. They have not been observed around children or cats, so it is unknown as to how they would react.

Pumpkin and Otis look forward to all the rich experiences of having a forever family!
Otis and Pumpkin are posted for the Cavalier Rescue USA. If you’d like to be considered for this pair’s new home and live within driving distance of Seattle, WA, please complete the online application (if you haven’t done so previously) Cavalier Rescue USA – Application Management System and email  rescue coordinator Melissa Cincotta at so she knows of your interest.

These dogs are not ODH dogs; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.