Ready to Rock n Roll? Ozzy Osborne is a 20 pound Jack Russell Terrier ready to jam! He’s an 11 year old boy who is high energy. Ozzy needs a home with someone who can exercise him every day. This cutie is a fun dog who could make a great exercise buddy.

Up until recently Ozzy lived with another dog. He may appreciate a new canine companion if introduced and integrated properly. When meeting new dogs Ozzy wants to let everyone know he’s no “shrinking violet”. His behavior is not uncommon for a terrier with a zest for life!  A home with a cat won’t work for Ozzy. He does well with kids at least 6 years old or older who are kind and gentle to him.

Ozzy has been known to mark in his kennel or in his home when he’s left alone too long without a potty break. When one has to go, they gotta go! Currently when his person leaves for work he spends days in the garage with a dog door that leads out to the back yard for potty breaks. But note: he does bark like one would expect him to at squirrels, dogs passing by or neighborhood cats who taunt him.

Ozzy has not had any recent vetting so his adopter will need to take him in for a check up. He needs a home with someone who can afford his lifelong veterinary care and healthy food.

Ozzy knows how to snuggle with his person. He’ll hang out on the couch with you and he’d love share the bed at night with his new person. He’s a sweet boy who needs an adoptive home very soon.

Ozzy is currently in Olympia, WA.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.