Parker is a Yorkie mix believed to be around 13 years old. He was adopted out and returned twice to the shelter, which likely led to the separation anxiety he’s shown upon coming to his Final Refuge home. But he’s come a long way in adjusting and relaxing and no longer feels the need to stay glued at all times to his foster mom’s side.

Since coming into ODH’s care, Parker has had a very thorough intake exam, an evaluation by an ophthalmologist, and is being treated for bronchitis and an eye ulcer. Parker has cataracts and progressive retinal atrophy, and his vision is already very limited. He can hear only certain sounds but can’t quite tell where they’re coming from.

Despite this and all of the recent changes and uncertainty in his life, he’s doing well in his new forever home and is very, very sweet. He also gets along well with the other Final Refuge dogs he shares his home with.

Update:  After 8 months of love and care, we had to say goodbye to dear Parker.  He was a wonderful pup and will always be remembered.  His Final Refuge mom is so glad she got to know him and have him in her life.