Patch, a very handsome big Australian Shepherd, came to us when his elderly owner lost his wife and needed to move in with family out of state. When we picked him up his owner broke down in tears; clearly Patch had been well loved. And way too well fed – he was obese and extremely arthritic, which is a terrible combination. His ODH mom feared he could never navigate steps to her back yard. With the help of a support harness a highly motivated Patch did manage to go in and out and chase balls on occasion, and then dedicated work by his ODH family started to get the weight off and his mobility improved greatly. His hot spots grew out, he had a dental, and he felt like a new dog. Very sadly, after just more than 2 months in his ODH home a tumor in his abdomen ruptured and we lost him. Patch was a lucky dog to have been surrounded with love for his entire life and he definitely left his large paw prints on the hearts of those who knew him. He passed away September, 2014.