Patches, an eleven year old Shih tsu, was surrendered to the shelter when her long-time owner had to move into an assisted living facility. Patches had been well cared for and loved by her owner during her life but as her owner could no longer care for himself, Patches became very neglected. Old Dog Haven was contacted and worked to find her a wonderful foster home. Patches was seen by an ODH vet and was diagnosed with a Grade 2 heart murmur, hearing loss, limited tear production, a cataract in one eye and arthritis in her knees, elbows and back. Blood work confirmed kidney disease.

A trip to Northwest Animal Eye Specialists diagnosed dry eye in both eye and no vision in her left eye due to the cataract. She now gets Cyclosporine and Tacrolimus drops three times per day.

In her new home, Patches has become the alpha dog in the house. She has multiple beds around the house that are placed for her to lie in the sun. She will not eat any prescription food required for her kidney care so, with guidance from her vet, her family makes her turkey meatloaf.

Every day she becomes more playful and active. She loves to wrestle on the bed in the morning. Her bark is loud and deep for such a small dog. She does not run but does a hop/jump thing when coming in from outside and will dive into her bed. Her very favorite thing to do is lay in the grass when the sun is out.
Her blood is checked on a regular basis to monitor the progression of her kidney disease. She is kept at a healthy weight because of her arthritis and she moves around very well. She is happy and we plan to keep her that way!

Update:  After such a wonderful time in her final home, Patches suddenly became very ill, likely a result of complications from her kidney disease.  Her foster mom sent her on with much sadness and gratefulness for having known such a delightful little dog.  Patches, you will truly be missed.