Patches and his mother lost their lifetime home and then, a year or so later, lost the next person who’d cared for them. A concerned neighbor contacted ODH and we took them in. His mother had some minor issues but nothing terrible and was adopted. Patches, unfortunately, just didn’t have that luck. His ears (a cocker curse) were terrible; we removed a mass in one. Then we had to remove one eye due to uncontrollable glaucoma resulting from early cataracts (another cocker curse); a few months later the remaining eye’s pressure started to spike and he began medication. A few months after that that eye was removed also. The next year was spent fighting ear infections which would make him completely deaf and confused. Then heart problems surfaced and we knew the end was coming. After a great vacation camping at a family reunion where everyone fussed over him, his body suddenly just gave out. Patches never complained and was a tremendous comfort to his ODH parents fighting their own health issues – a 30# lapdog and super bed warmer – and is terribly missed. He passed away June 11, 2014.