Are you the kind of person who values ‘your space’, and is maybe a little selective about your social interactions? Then you may be a great candidate to be Patton’s new best friend!

Patton is a unique mixed breed boy with an endearing face. He is guessed to be about 12 years old. Patton weighs about 70 pounds. Patton is described as a wonderful companion dog; he loves his person. He shines bright when he is able to live with adults only.

Patton has lived with other dogs but does not do well with small dogs. If he were to find a home with another dog, that dog would need to be mature and respect Patton’s space. He can be food aggressive with other animals and while he has lived with a cat in the past, his people feel it best he does not live with another cat.  Patton should absolutely not live with or be around small children as they make him anxious. Patton is one of those dogs who has gotten to the age and stage where he has less patience with dogs, cats or kids who don’t heed his warning growls. And after all, without words, growls are all he has to convey his message.  Don’t we all wish that when we ask others to ‘back off’,  they would?

Patton enjoys getting out for exercise, but he can pull on leash when he is excited. This means his adopter must be able to manage Patton’s size and strength. Patton’s adopter should be dog savvy, knowing to work patiently with Patton on any behavior that is not acceptable. His owners believe that he had some training in the past before they adopted him. It sounds as though Patton is a smart boy who needs a smart adopter!

Patton will stay in his kennel when his people leave the house. This is for Patton’s safety and to help him keep calm. There are dogs that take comfort from their crate so that they don’t become anxious when their person leaves. Of course, no dog should have to crate for long hours! Patton is no exception to that. While he is good to manage quite a while between potty breaks, he is an older dog and shouldn’t have to “hold it” for a long time, especially on a regular basis. Patton’s ideal adopter will work from home or being retired so that he does not have to stay home alone too often.

We are told Patton is slow taking stairs. This means a home without too many stairs would be best for Patton. Patton is not much of a barker, but he will alert you if he thinks something is wrong or if there are other animals in the backyard.

Unfortunately, we humans are often judgmental and unforgiving of dogs with less tolerance for others, and we fail to appreciate that beside personality differences, with age, dogs often don’t see as well, hear as well, respond as well, and so feel a little less safe in their world.   That feeling of insecurity can extend into time being left alone and lead to anxiety. But with understanding, patience and a few accommodations, the reward can be a wonderful, loving and grateful canine companion whose personality will bloom!

Patton is ready for a committed, life-long home. He is located in Shoreline, WA. For contact information please email:

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation. 

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